Do you need to take out a personal loan? In that case, you know that from Good finance we can help you throughout the process so that you get the money you want almost instantly and without paperwork, under the best conditions! But we don’t want you to request it without first knowing everything you need to consider before hiring a personal loan.

Everything you need to consider when hiring a personal loan

Everything you need to consider when hiring a personal loan

We are 100% transparent and we want you to enjoy your money without a headache knowing how to return it. Therefore, we will analyze the 6 factors that you should take into account before hiring a personal loan, whether you do it through our marketplace or any other way:

Repayment capacity

It is very important to analyze the repayment capacity. That is, if the person who is going to apply for the personal loan receives enough regular income to be able to pay the monthly payments of the loan during the repayment period. It is something that we from Good finance can extract with the help of FinScore when you connect your accounts with the app.

Compare several loans before choosing one

Compare several loans before choosing one

It is essential that before applying for a personal loan you compare several loans between different financial entities or banks. In Good finance we carry out this work for you because we take care of searching and negotiating with the entities the best conditions of your personal loan; so that you can request the money you need by paying the minimum for it. Do you want to try it? Try the Good finance loan comparator.

Beware of the deadline to return the money

In Good finance we do not recommend choosing a long term to return the money, because it is a factor that most often increases the price of the personal loan . The longer it takes to return it, the higher the price to be paid, so it is advisable to opt for a shorter term as long as possible. It is advice that we give you to pay as little as possible for your loan.

Do not ask for more money than necessary


Do you need a personal loan to buy a car? To pay for the renovation of a house? For your wedding? For a great trip? It is important that when applying for a personal loan you make the amount of money you need. No more. Why? So you don’t overpay for money that you really don’t need at that moment.

In Good finance we recommend dedicating a portion of the savings to paying ‘that’ that you want to finance, be it a trip, some studies, the purchase of a car, etc.

Read the conditions well

It is essential to read the conditions of the personal loan that you are about to request and, if in doubt, ask everything to the financial institution, bank or marketplace in question. In Good finance we are 100% transparent and there is no paperwork, so you will not have this problem.

Make a habit of saving

From the moment a personal loan is requested, we owe money to a certain financial institution. Therefore, from that moment it is important to become aware and mark savings habits, to be able to return the requested money and interest on time, and that they do not go further.

Apply for your personal loan in Good finance

Apply for your personal loan in Good finance

Do you want to ask for a personal loan but you don’t know who to go to? With good finance it is very easy. Check out our loan website and don’t forget to download our app if you have Android or iOS. You will only have to connect your accounts and, through your FinScore, we can offer you the best possible conditions. All this through a personalized loan for you. Do we speak.

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