Do you have a personal project in mind and want to carry it out? If you dream awake and want to do something, why don’t you try it?

In Pedra we are aware of the barriers that may exist, such as not having enough liquidity to deal with the project. However, you can always explore alternative financing paths, such as asking for a personal loan at Pedra.


Fund your project with a loan from Pedra

No matter what personal project you have a mind: buying a car, setting up a new business, making an incredible trip, becoming independent, paying tuition for studies, a makeover, etc.

Surely there are many things for which you could use extra money ; So if you want to carry out a project that makes you very excited, know that we want to help you get it.


Up to 40,000 euros to make all your projects come true

If you request a personal loan Pedra will have up to 40,000 euros to spend on your personal project, regardless of what you have in mind; because we want you to make all your dreams come true and move it forward.


How to request it?

loan request

Through our loan website you can start your application or receive more information without any commitment.

And if you already have the Pedra app on your smartphone, you will only have to connect your accounts to get the FinScore – the score that will determine the conditions of the loan. The higher it is, the better the conditions.

Once the application is processed, you will receive the money in a matter of 24 hours. Keep in mind that we are 100% transparent and there is no small print , the loan conditions will be clear and visible at all times.


Is it worth hiring him?

Is it worth hiring him?

We recommend that you analyze well if the project you are going to carry out can have short and long term profitability . If you think it can work, then do not fit even the slightest doubt. Who does not risk does not win!

But the truth is that it is always a success to invest in a new business , in a reform, in some studies … It is a way to improve your quality of life, to aspire to more. That is why we do not want money to be a barrier when it comes to reaching your goals, and that is why we offer you up to 40,000 euros so that you get everything you set your mind to.

The same if you need a car for your new project or for your work, that trip with which you have been dreaming for years and that will make you replace the batteries at 200% … whatever you want! With a personal loan you won’t have to keep setting yourself limits; You will receive the money in just a few hours so you can start.


In Pedra can help you in two ways: personal loan and/or credit card

personal loan and/or credit card

If you think the loan is ‘too much’, you can always request a credit card completely free of charge.

For things as simple as renting a car, many companies request a credit card , and we give you the opportunity to have it free , without maintenance fees.

In addition, with a credit card you can finance your purchases up to 6,000 euros . So you can more comfortably pay everything you need to start your personal project. This will make you much more bearable.

So if you are looking for an alternative to personal loans to make all your projects come true, who knows, you are also interested in the card we have for you. We speak? Request more information whenever you want.

And do not hesitate to download Pedra’s app to start saving, you will notice the difference from day one!

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